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Seiko At Baselworld 2017 - A huge New CollectionVisiting Seiko at Baselworld 2017 was, once again, an event marked with plenty of new releases plus an exciting blend of technology combined with retro cues. We showed a preview on the Grand Seiko releases once the press conference had concluded (which coincided with all the embargo lift) and we'll show a lot more images of those here. The focus, though, is going to be around the replica watches from the parent brand. Consider a peek.Seiko at Baselworld 2017The Seiko SLA017 "62MAS"The most eagerly awaited release from Seiko at Baselworld 2017, along with perhaps just about the most anticipated overall, was the reissue in the famous 62MAS. We ran, and reran, articles in my original piece from 1965 in advance of the show to whet your appetite. Well, dinner was using Seiko and while a few,800 Euro price could have learned about like cold fish, the watch had been very well received. With its Grand Seiko derived 8L35 automatic, this watch punches well above how heavy it is class and honestly might take on about anything from the in-house movement diver segment.Yes, the reissue with the 62MAS is restricted to 2,000 pieces, but countries such as Germany will receive shocking 200 of the! The diameter is really a reasonable 39.9mm and also the watch comes with a long waffle style rubber strap and steel bracelet. Water resistance is competitive at 200M along with the watch adds a screw down crown. E-mail, even popular dolphin image has returned towards the case back.My take: The reissue with the 62MAS by Seiko at Baselworld 2017 is a fine looking watch. In all probability it won't hit the radar of several looking for a Tudor Black Bay, however it should. The dial was stunning combined with case finishing. I ran across true to become a nice reinterpretation if not slightly large. Speaking of large, my only gripe was the size of the crown - it really seemed big. Still, this became a very good piece and regardless of the deficiency of a sub 2,000 Euro asking price, these will sell.Additional information is available here.The Seiko 62MAS Modern Reinterpretations (SPB051 and SPB053)Alongside the vintage reissue on the 62MAS by Seiko at Baselworld 2017 were 2 modern retakes for the 62MAS theme. These regular editions comes in one of two varieties, a black/grey dial variety on steel bracelet for 1,100 Euros along with a blue version on rubber strap for 900 Euros. Both feature sapphire crystals, screw down crowns along with the hacking 6R15 movement that we've grown utilized to. Water proofing can also be 200M. Diameter is 42.6mm.My take: Present day 62MAS' received plenty of flack on forums when pictures were leaked from upcoming catalogues and this was primarily greatly assist use of the more modern handset like the arrow hour hand and lollipop sweep hand. Things i advise you is these replica watches look better in the flesh compared with pictures. Nowhere dialed model because of the dial color and finishing and its amazing blue bezel really impressed me. It's kind of of your tough industry to fork out this kind of money when an SRP Turtle costs a lot less, but they're receiving a higher movement. Plus, the style, case wise, is actually comparatively darn iconic.Details are available here.The Seiko Presage "Cocktail Time" Collection cheap prom dresses One surprise from Seiko at Baselworld 2017 would be a new selection of Presage replica watches using the famous "Cocktail Time" pieces. These are typically dress replica watches and are also very popular amongst forum-meisters as timepieces that work well above their price level. In reality, they appear to be the commonest answer in the event the real question is talked about what formal watch to purchase when one wears formal replica watches so rarely.An electrical reserve model was shown and starts at 540 Euros and is also powered by the 4R57 automatic. We covered the regular 4R35, 3-hand automatics including individuals with center mounted and inset sweep hands. These pieces start at 410 Euros and are available in a lot of hues and case colors. Diameter is 40.5mm these replica watches are not hand winding.My take: Damn, these dials were mesmerizing! Seriously, they were gorgeous - specially the brown (whiskey colored) and blue (little idea what liquor this can be). Apparently there are seven layers of gloss finish on these dials and it shows! I do not tend towards dress replica watches, these were convincing. Seiko will sell tons of these.Details is available here.The Seiko Prospex SamuraiOne hardcore enthusiast piece that made its re-entrance by Seiko at Baselworld 2017 was the modern stainless Samurai. Germany experienced a light blue special recently, however, these three new models - blue, black and also a gold/black version - are here to stay.Powered by the 4R35, sized at 43.8mm and costing above 400 Euros, I'd expect the theifs to please enthusiasts.Details are available here.The Seiko Presage Enamel DialJust just for fun, I shot a few pictures of the new enamel-dialed Presage automatic. This follows within the highly successful exclusive edition enamel dial Presage chronographs from last year's show (a genuine favorite of mine) plus it was beautifully done. Sized at 40.5mm and run by the 6R15 automatic, the Presage enamel dial costs are TBD but expect something above 850 Euros.Additional information is available here.The Seiko Astron Big Date Hey, I like Astron and seemingly does the remainder of the world. During Germany, the company sells lots of these as apparently "Germans love technology" patek tourbillon watches . Nice. In any case, the brand new Big Date contains a digital display with the date higher than the core watch. With this, your fourth Astron caliber, the 8X42, is actually on the scene. An incredible 4 stainless steel 3 titanium variants is going to be offered. 44.8mm continues to be the diameter and stainless versions will start at 1,800 Euros while titanium begins at 2,400 Euros.You will find a Novak Djokovic edition that highlights the Grand Slam cities around the bezel in tennis ball neon green boasting a "Love 15/30/40" chronograph dial. 5,000 pieces of this piece will probably be produced in black coated stainless at a cost of 2,150 Euros.More info can be obtained here.The Seiko Prospex Aviators WatchLurking in one of the many trays from Seiko at Baselworld 2017 was this cool new Prospex Aviator-styled watch (the SRPB61K1). With syringe hands, a toned-down dial with large Arabic numerals and a rotating calculator bezel, I actually liked this watch. No, it's nothing truly special, however it's merely a cute Prospex that can look great using a distressed strap or NATO - and, it'll outlive any of us. replica watches Run by the 4R35 and sized at 44.7mm, this watch is water repellent to 100M.More details can be obtained here.The Seiko Astron 5th Anniversary Edition Exclusively for kicks, I took some images of the titanium 5th Anniversary Astron. This won't become a big seller in Europe or perhaps the USA, but it was neat given it features 5 blue sapphires around the dial. Pretty cool and extremely Japanese limited edition like.More information is found here.Ex "JDM Only" AstronSeiko at Baselworld 2017 also showed us an Astron chronograph that has a case previously only offered in Japan. This contains a more squared off case design and also a taller ceramic bezel with writing on its sides. I loved the appearance of this and am happy which the brand is beginning to expand its offerings worldwide - it's about time!The Grand Seikos Revisited I'll skip the heavy particulars on the Grand Seikos as we've already covered this, nonetheless it was worth going for a hands-on look at these pieces with Seiko at Baselworld 2017.I must admit that we loved the Grand Seiko Professional Diver face-to-face. Yes, it's damn expensive, however it was stunning - besides the still cheesy clasp for the bracelet. The watch is large but, in typical Seiko manner, it wore somewhat small compared to its size indicates. Of special note was the cross-hatched blue iron dial; that it was luscious! More information can be obtained here.The "first GS reimagined" was another favorite of mine. Titanium-cased along with a little larger at 40mm, this became one beautiful watch. Here again, the dial would be a small single fingered salute to all those that scoff at spending a real income on the watch from Seiko. The truth work was also something to behold. If you're interesting in a very 7-8K dress watch with serious chops, that one will probably be worth an appearance. More info can be obtained here.The "first GS reissued" was obviously a good-looking watch, but to tell the truth, it didn't blow me away just as as prior GS reissues. I personally wasn't an authentic fan of the dial plus the case seemed ordinary to me in comparison with such as the 44GS. Still, it turned out well executed therefore we be aware that people absolutely clamor for these annual releases. More info can be found here iwc watche .I think you'll enjoyed a quick have a look at what comprised most of the new releases from Seiko at Baselworld 2017. We'll likely go hands-on with full reviews of many of these pieces when released within the next almost a year. We enjoyed reading this year's collection and appearance toward much more from your brand later on.