The correct length of a floorball stick

Among the most important decisions when purchasing a floorball stick are finding the perfect stick length and choosing the right curve direction. By picking a stick that is too long, you'll find the problem that on the one hand, you have a higher risk of injuries, and on the other hand, your ability to learn the right technique is compounded as you carry the stick too far away from your body. If, however, your stick is too short, you are taking an unphysiological body posture which leads, among others, to a much faster onset of fatigue. What is more, your range is reduced and you cannot longer transfer power into your shoots. It is for this reason that the decision of the length of your stick should find particular attention and be considered in every child, junior, and adult training.

How do I recognize the right stick length?
As a general rule, when the stick is aligned vertically to the ground it should reach at least your belly button and does not go beyond the sternum. Your stick has the ideal length from both physiological and biomechanical aspects when it goes just above your belly button.

Despite the precise guidance above you should always rely on your own feeling and perception. Is your stick a little too long but feels just right in your daily floorball training then we recommend this stick. When it comes to floorball it is always about the right feeling between player and material - does your new stick fits your hand extremely well, this is the best prerequisite.

What stick lengths exist and which do I need?
Floorball is a sports for young and old alike. Accordingly, producers as unihoc, Salming, Zone, Exel, or Fatpipe offer nearly any length. The size indications that you find placed by the producers or by floorballshop describe the lengths of the shaft, not the total length. However, since 2012, manufactures have to indicate these additionally to provide a better orientation for you. The size chart to the right thus shall serve as a benchmark for the choice of the right stick.

Recommendations out of our experience
Kids and juniors steadily grow and from time to time need a new stick. We often recognize that parents choose a stick for their children much too long in order to have a longer life span. A stick too big in its measurements might by cheap from an economical point of few. But do not forget that it will increase the risk of injuries and moreover will decrease the fun your junior experiences during practice. It will be more difficult to learn a certain technique, to keep the ball close to the body in a tackling or to shoot accurately. For this reason, the correct length of a floorball stick is most important when working with young athletes.

Body Height Shaft Length* Total Length
above 195 cm 104cm 114cm
180 - 195 cm 100cm 110cm
170 - 180 cm 96cm 106cm
160 - 170 cm 92cm 102cm
150 - 160 cm 87cm 97cm
140 - 150 cm 80cm 90cm
130 - 140 cm 75cm 85cm
120 - 130 cm 70cm 80cm
110 - 120 cm 65cm 75cm
100 - 110 cm 60cm 70cm
90 - 100 cm 55 cm 65 cm
under 90cm 35 - 55 cm 45 - 65 cm

*floorballshop.com uses the shaft length as basic measure in his online shop